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In many European countries, as well as developed countries in the world, the demand for organic food has an average increase of 20%, a few countries rising to 50% per year. Foreseeing this need, the cosmetic companies in the world has produced more and more cosmetic line of natural origin.

       In Vietnam, a series of natural products from many countries have also appeared. Emma Roches, co-founder of the brand Purite By Provence (France), said: "In Europe as well as North America, consumers no longer like use the cosmetic that make from synthetic chemicals. Instead, they select products using essential oils extracted from flowers, herbs, fruits which are very effective in beauty. For the first time in Vietnam, we have studied the needs and desires of goods".


  There is one sad fact is, today, Vietnam is considered as one of the most countries being polluted in the world, this doesn’t only affect health but also detrimental to the beauty of Vietnamese, especially women. So today, beauty is not just makeup, but also provide nutrients for skin and body. To meet both criterion beautiful and safe, natural cosmetics is the best choice. Before, customers don’t like  use the product  beauty from natural because that take very long time for these products are effective and if this effect is not as strong as cosmetics. But the fact that the product is made from natural beauty is slowly satisfy even the most discerning customers for utility and its high safety. Beside, in other countries in the region and the world, natural cosmetics is now the first choice of course, with the knowledge and ability to absorb his sensible, consumers Vietnam were quickly immersed in the mainstream of the world. And according to statistics from a survey, the amount of natural cosmetics is the current consumption to about 70%, accounting for more than 2/3 of the market share of cosmetics in Vietnam.

         Follow this tendency, even the big coporations about health care product and consumer products around the world have payed more attention in field of beauty care and have launched many type of cosmetics natural origin, such as the prevent aging products Artistry Youth xtend derived from oats and baobab fruit of AMWAY. Or, most of the Unilever products are make use of natural materials in Vietnam such as cream whitening extracted from green tea leaves, shampoo locust, ginseng, knotweed, aloe, lemon, grapefruit peel. Scented soaps using extracts of avocado, cucumber, olive oil, sunflower oil, and bitter gourd ... not only are consumers favored Vietnam, high turnover, which is also applied Unilever successfully used in other countries such as China, Malaysia and Thailand.



                                                          Atistry Youth Xtend (AMWAY)

          Even companies manufacturing beauty products in Vietnam are starting to promote natural cosmetics. The evidence is in recent time, women in Vietnam have liked to use the beauty product extract from pus of Trom tree (a palnt in the Westen Vietnam), cooconut oil, sunflower oil, honey,...



                                                          Beauty product from pus of Trom tree


         According to Mr Nghiem Xuan Phong, Head of Research and Development and Quality Assurance Unilever Vietnam (Hanoi): "Sources of natural materials extracted Unilever not only cater to the needs of domestic production of cosmetics but also exported some kinds to China, Malaysia and Thailand ". Similarly, when launching the product Pantenne hair care called Nature Fusion, representation of P&G also confidently asserted: "The global consumer still prefer buying green products despite the economic downturn, for example some hair beauty brands such as Nexxus and Tresemme US of Alberto Culver is still growing and reality, Nature Fusion has sold very well".

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